ABC Mug Club: Why You Should Join

At last night’s HBG Blog get-together, there were questions as to how/why I am in the Appalachian Brewing Company‘s mug club. While I would love to tell you that it puts me in some upper-echelon of society, it doesn’t. It does, however, put an exclamation point on my functioning alcoholism. So for floor9, here is the rundown on the Mug Club:

-Initial fee to sign up is $60. Renewal is $45 yearly.
-You get a 22oz mug personalized with a nickname of your choice. Keep each year’s mug!
-Mondays are “Mug Club Mondays”…1/2 price apps, and beers for $2.50.
-Earn points every time you purchase food…points are good for beer, merch, or the next renewal.
-Yearly Mug Club Party…free beer and food for 2+ hours!
-Make ugly people pretty through the magic of booze.
-Be the life of the party.
-Be seen with me. No extra charge!

Initially, it seems like a steep price, but for $5 a month, you’re getting free 6oz of beer, and on Mondays, you save a ton of cash. The social experience is well worth it, as well. Meet a ton of beer lovers and socialize the night away at PA’s best microbrewery (as named by Lew Bryson).

Be a cool kid…get your membership in the ABC Mug Club today. Locations in Harrisburg, Camp Hill, and Gettysburg.


Mike Hampton: God Hates You

In what can only be considered “shocking news” to people living under a rock or in Utah, Mike Hampton tweaked a groin in his first rehab start in Mississippi. Mikey even managed to give up a home run during his two innings of work.

Memo to Mike: Dude, seriously, stop trying. We Braves fans don’t care about you and your act anymore. We realize you are now held together by pipe cleaners and Scotch tape. You need to collect your insane paychecks somewhere other than the U.S. Go to an island…hell, buy an island. Please, just vanish.

Goin’ Back To Philly

This weekend, I may be headed to the City of Brotherly Love for a concert that I am ashamed to even mention here. In honor of this fantastic event, here’s a little “It’s Always Sunny” love to brighten your afternoon.

Foo Fighters Live On The Web!

MSN is putting the Foos on LIVE from Wembley Stadium at 2pm Eastern today. Click on over for pure awesome.

Twitter/HBG Blogger Meet Tonight

Tonight marks yet another get-together for the Harrisburg bloggers and Twitter peeps. We’ll be meeting up on the upstairs deck at Appalachian Brewing Company from 7 until question marks. This is a good chance for you to be seen with me and enhance your appearance.  This will be my third night there this week…someone please pull the trigger. You may even see something like this: